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Eclipse 2017: A Quest for Totality

Much like a watershed map describes how runoff flows from mountain to ocean, a¬†drivershed can be used to detail a vehicle's travel path between two points. I recently saw an analysis computing driver travel times…

Cruising the Olympic Peninsula

The Olympic Peninsula is a very distinguished landmass located in northwestern Washington state. It contains lush rain forests, 7,000+ foot mountains, hundreds of islands, and rugged coastal beaches. While I spent many weekends exploring the…

Jeeping Around Guanella Pass

During the summer of 2016, I set off for a long weekend in the Mile High City. This marked my¬†second trip to Denver in as many years and I was looking to make it a…

Landscapes of Central Washington

Every once and a while, I enjoy taking a little road trip to clear my mind, reconnect with nature, and visit a new corner of my backyard. I opted to take a three-day weekend over…

On Canada’s Rugged Coast

Despite living in Seattle for nearly three years, I only made it north of the Canadian border once. I had the fortunate opportunity of joining a handful of people at a family cottage for a…